Deepen Your Connections and Awaken Your Pleasure!


  • Feeling completely comfortable and sexy in your own skin.
  • Clearly knowing what you want and need, and giving yourself permission to ask for and receive it with ease and gratitude.
  • Being present in your body with your lover – feeling trust, safety, exquisite pleasure, heart-connection, expanded orgasmic states and blissful communion.
  • Feeling more understood, appreciated and cherished.
  • Being your authentic self and experiencing deeper intimacy and more playfulness, passion and fulfillment than ever before.

Many people come to me to:

  • Deepen their intimacy and expand their pleasure
  • Shed guilt and shame that hold them back from full sexual expression and fulfillment
  • Overcome sexual difficulties such as premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching orgasm and difficulty relaxing into pleasure
  • Boost their confidence
  • Attract the mate they desire
  • Develop a more loving relationship with themselves and their body
  • Weave together the realms of emotional intimacy, spirituality and sexuality
  • Take their relationship to the next level with gourmet Tantric sex

No matter what you are going through, I can assure you you are not alone. Though not always openly talked about, intimacy issues are extremely common. I create a safe, confidential space to openly discuss and explore what matters most to you, without fear of judgement or criticism. Whether you are grappling with self worth, attractiveness, sexual performance, body issues, gender identity, sexual expression, or some other issue, I welcome and honor you for your courage to make yourself and what you truly want a priority.

Most of us have some parts of ourselves that we feel are unacceptable and unlovable – that we try to compensate for… some part that deep down we fear that “If you knew that about me, you would leave.” These are the parts I most welcome. It’s in the integration of these parts that we become freed to be our true selves, let our unique light and quirkiness shine, and attract those who will most cherish who we really are.

“Brynn, the power of your body-centered healing modalities has helped me in ways that years of standard, couple, and group therapies did not. Your unique approach and presence provided healing to the emotional blockages that were inhibiting my ability to connect to deep, sustained love, intimacy, and companionship. Thank you!” – Mark

Holistic Approach

What is unique about Conscious Intimacy Coaching is that it simultaneously addresses all levels of your being: emotional/mental/sexual/energetic/spiritual. This empowers you to create the relationship(s) you desire from a place of wholeness and freedom.


Attract your Beloved from a place of peace, freedom and wholeness.

Topics of healing, empowerment and awakening include:


“My work with Brynn has been truly transformational..with her guidance I have learned so much more about who I am. Her combination of talk therapy, breath and energy work not only releases the mind’s negative patterns, but taps into the body’s wisdom as well. She has helped me discover my strength, my self compassion and my sense of divinity.” – Anne M, MD

Make your intimate life a priority.

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