Ecstatic Communion

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

It is common to fall into a routine in sex leading to boredom, declining interest or dysfunction. And yet there are whole realms of union and pleasure that most of us have no inkling of.

Through Tantric lovemaking one can experience prolonged heightened states of arousal in which the entire body is electrified, tingling, vibrating, buzzing with the current of our most potent energy – the energy that creates life itself: our sacred sexual energy (kundalini). It is this energy which when consciously awakened and channeled to our higher centers transmutes the raw primal drive towards procreation into the energy of Awakening.

As we learn to bring our consciousness into our bodies, we begin to slow down and experience an infinite range of sensations that we would otherwise skip over in the rush to orgasm. Our pleasure expands exponentially, as does our ability to be truly present and connect more intimately with our partner.


By consciously working with our breath through Tantric breathwork, we literally infuse every cell our bodies with our spirit. As we consciously breathe (in + spīrō), we “fill with what animates, enlivens or exalts.” We begin to drop into a deeper state of being – into our core essence – and from that place, commune soul to soul with our partner. With dedicated practice and intention ordinary sex evolves into High Sex, the gateway to ecstatic states of consciousness.


The benefits of this exalted practice are many-fold. Increasing the oxygenation of our blood increases the health of our cells, tissues and organs. Channeling our sexual energy (kundalini) to our higher centers balances our glands and hormones and regulates our brain chemistry. As we tap into our essential nature, we are filled with a pervasive inner peace, intrinsic joy and exhilarating aliveness; there is a knowing that all is truly well, a sense of security in ourselves and a trust in the Universe, and an expanded capacity for true intimacy. Additionally, because we are consciously working with the energy of Creation, we become more able to manifest our desires.

What if I’m Single?

You don’t have to wait till you have a partner to begin benefiting from Tantric practices. In fact, the foundation for partnered practice is solo cultivation. One can achieve all the benefits of partnered practice on one’s own! And as you cultivate your energy, you are more likely to attract a partner who will cherish you for who you are.


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