For Couples

Learn essential skills to create the relationship you desire.

Become empowered to create the relationship you desire.

Few of us were taught essential skills for successful relating. The majority of us had dysfunctional role models for how to be in relationship. It’s no wonder so many are unhappy and unfulfilled in relationship. Just look at our national divorce rate, the number of short-term relationships that don’t ‘make it,’ and countless long-term relationships which squeak by void of intimacy, living more as ‘house-mates’ than partners.

The good news is that there are specific, concrete tools, strategies and skills that are learn-able.

You can learn:

  • The most effective way to deal with emotional upsets (triggers)
  • Simple tools to cultivate more trust and safety
  • How to be true to yourself and maintain intimacy with your partner (neither sacrifice yourself nor the relationship)
  • The root causes of your relationship dynamics and how to shift them
  • Harmonizing practices to cultivate connection
  • Strategies to successfully navigate conflicts
  • How to speak your truth in ways that create deeper understanding
  • To become empowered to get your needs met, while honoring your partner
  • Powerful skills to (re-)ignite your love and passion
  • How to take your relationship to the next level of awesome

By learning and applying these tools and skills, you become empowered to create more intimacy than ever before. Relationship no longer is something that happens to you, it is something you consciously choose and create, day after day.

Develop a Solid Foundation

I love working with new couLoving embraceples who want to give their budding relationship a solid chance of success and are hitting up against their first major road bumps. By becoming equipped with an essential tool kit, they can lay a solid foundation upon which their relationship can flourish.


“Brynn, I really don’t know what we would have done without you being apart of our support team. We have overcome some serious obstacles. It is so hard to believe the place we were in six months ago. It seems like a different world. Our work with you gave us a solid foundation from which to grow and the ability to communicate well. Now when we get triggered, we recognize it and can rationally discuss it. I currently feel very loved and supported by Vicky, and we are operating as a good team. I can’t help but say we owe so much of our strength and compassion for one another to our work with you. Thank you so much for who you are and all you do. Keep up your amazing work.”~Jenn G. and Vicky W. 

Maintain Your Connection

Integrate simple 5 minute Harmonization Practices into your schedule that have a profound impact on your ability to create and maintain connectedness and intimacy amidst the busyness of day-to-day life.

“It is hard to put into words the healing that takes place in Brynn’s presence. It feels truly magical. Currently in our relationship with each other and with others, we approach situations with compassion and the ability to speak our truth and have our needs met. Thank you Brynn, for being who you are and helping others reach their highest potential.” 

Re-Ignite Your Erotic ConnectionDiscover How To Satisfy Your Woman and Keep Her Happy

The most common complaint in long-term relationships is a diminishing or extinct sexual connection. Discover fresh approaches, perspectives and practices to explore and awaken new-found satisfaction in your erotic partnership.

“How great and impactful your talk was for me & and my husband. The information you presented was simple but so powerful. It is amazing and sad how little many of us know about our own bodies and those of our partners even after years of being together. It feels like a whole new world when you discover it! My husband & I were lucky enough to be able to go away last weekend alone together and just BE, connect and play all weekend. It was truly magical (and so much fun!). Sunday morning his eyes were shining and wet with tears, “I feel so ALIVE!” he wept with awe and gratitude. It was truly one of the most intimate and beautiful moments of our 16 years of being together. A deep bow to you, your beautiful spirit and the love that you share with all of us–what a gift and a blessing.”

Become empowered to create the intimacy you desire.

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