Awaken to Your True Nature

Beneath our personality our True Essence exists as pure, unbound love, blissful peace and ecstatic joy.You can access deep inner peace, bliss and joy.

Body-Mind Connection

The Conscious Intimacy Method is a psycho-spiritual educational and healing system based on the premise of body-mind-spirit holism. It recognizes that every thought directly affects one’s biochemistry and emotional state, and visa versa. They are intrinsically inter-connected. At the same time, who we are cannot be reduced to complex mechanical cause and effect.

Spiritual Essence

As human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The Being part of our nature is our true nature, our untainted essence which is eternal and untouched. It is the life force which both animates us and infuses every cell of our bodies with consciousness. Our Being or Consciousness is not separate from our bodies, nor is it bound by our bodies. It permeates our physical form and beyond.

You Are Whole

At moments of clarity and alignment our spirit shines through. These are our peak experiences, when we feel whole, alive, connected, and free. There is an implicit sense of safety and of being fully ourselves. There is a noticeable absence of fear, guilt, shame or obligation. There is no need to contort ourselves in order to obtain or keep the love and acceptance of others. We are filled up from within with unconditional love and the complete rightness and worthiness of our Being. There is nothing we have to do to earn it. It simply is. We simply are whole, loved and connected to something greater than our ego identity. One could say we are connected to God, the Universe, Universal Consciousness, our Higher Self, or our Soul. Regardless of your spiritual tradition or the language you use, the experience is the same.

Imminently Accessible

This direct experience of your innate inner joy and peace is available to everyone. Conscious Intimacy Coaching helps you access this liberating experience of your True Nature.


“I just wanted to thank you for another marvelous evening of learning. Its amazing when you strip down all that we’ve become and look through a new set of eyes at who we are and how gratifying that is to be awakened.” – Steve


“During my session with you I felt you guiding me towards a powerful acceptance of my own dark places while also inviting me to recharge in a still deeper part of my soul … I felt wonderfully supported and guided by you. Many thanks.” – Ric


“My work with Brynn has been truly transformational.. She has helped me discover my strength, my self compassion and my sense of divinity.” – Anne M, MD


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