“My work with Brynn has been truly transformational..with her guidance I have learned so much more about who I am. Her combination of talk therapy, breath and energy work not only releases the mind’s negative patterns, but taps into the body’s wisdom as well. She has helped me discover my strength, my self compassion and my sense of divinity.” – Anne M, MD
“This tele-seminar with Brynn is changing my life! I am gaining insight and perspective. I am becoming more gentle and honoring of myself. I’m slowing down and appreciating and enjoying my body more. I feel more alive and confident. I have even been able to take action and move forward towards things I want in my  life – both in terms of attracting a partner and a business venture!” – Patty


“It is hard to put into words the healing that takes place in Brynn’s presence. It feels truly magical. Currently in our relationship with each other and with others, we approach situations with compassion and the ability to speak our truth and have our needs met. Thank you Brynn, for being who you are and helping others reach their highest potential.” 


“Brynn, the power of your body-centered healing modalities has helped me in ways that years of standard, couple, and group therapies did not. Your unique approach and presence provided healing to the emotional blockages that were inhibiting my ability to connect to deep, sustained love, intimacy, and companionship. Thank you!” – Mark
“Dearest Brynn, thank you so much for our last session. You truly empower me. I am growing my belief in myself as a strong, loving, and deeply sexual being. With your coaching, I am regaining the feeling that I can have the physical love I want. I hope you have this kind of success with everyone you serve.” – Jack

“I just wanted to thank you for another marvelous evening of learning. Its amazing when you strip down all that we’ve become and look through a new set of eyes at who we are and how gratifying that is to be awakened.” – Steve


“During my session with you I felt you guiding me towards a powerful acceptance of my own dark places while also inviting me to recharge in a still deeper part of my soul … I felt wonderfully supported and guided by you. Many thanks.” – Ric


“Brynn, I really don’t know what we would have done without you being apart of our support team. We have overcome some serious obstacles. It is so hard to believe the place we were in six months ago. It seems like a different world. Our work with you gave us a solid foundation from which to grow and the ability to communicate well. Now when we get triggered, we recognize it and can rationally discuss it. I currently feel very loved and supported by Vicky, and we are operating as a good team. I can’t help but say we owe so much of our strength and compassion for one another to our work with you. Thank you so much for who you are and all you do. Keep up your amazing work.”~Jenn G. and Vicky W. 


“I was lucky enough to do some phone coaching with Brynn – she is awesome! She offers great insights delving into whatever relationship issue you bring forth. She is very “strategic” in nature – meaning, she provides an organized approach in coaching and recommends specific strategies for helping you identify where you should focus, and then what to do about it. She is very caring and generous. Brynn is very well versed in her subject and was very helpful in sorting out a very important relationship in my life.” – Mike


“I can’t put into words how grateful I am for your guidance in getting me to a new place that feels freeing, empowering, expanded and more alive.”


“It was an amazing privilege to work with you.  Our session was incredible and the first time in my life that I’ve felt seen.  It’s because of your sincere energy and loving presence that I realized that I truly love myself.  No one could have given me a better gift.  Thank you!!!”

“My first session with Brynn was amazing. She helped me get to the roots of a current trigger and emotional paralysis and guided me to invoke healing and empowering images. This enabled me to shift (within minutes) from a state of helpless victimization to a space of empowerment, peace, safety, abundance, nurturance, and forgiveness. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Leonard Rosenbaum, M.A., Clinical Psychology, Holistic Health Coach


“You are having such a positive influence on my life. My whole outlook has shifted, and so much negative energy present two months ago is simply gone.”